Fireworks vs Furbabies

It is that time of the year where our furbabies get frighten over the loud noises of fireworks. So how to prevent the fireworks from scaring our pets/families, well it is beyond our control to stop anyone from enjoying Independence Day with blowing up things. Only choice we got is to keep our furbabies inside as much as possible, maybe turn on some soothing music to distract them from hearing those firecrackers’s noises or simply just being there to cuddle with them. Whatever it is, try to be there for them as much as possible especially during these times of the day. Sending them off to a dog sitter, boarding, day care, or kennel is not so much helpful because regardless of where it is, noises from fireworks will be heard. Instead, have them close to us and keep an eye on them, some dogs do experience the anxiety more than others.

Just like humans, we all have different fears. Animals in general is no difference. Many dogs are overwhelmed by loud noises, now imagine going through days of repeatedly loud terrifying noises. It is incredibly hard to keep our dogs calm especially of they are experiencing anxiety and stress continuously with all the fireworks. Seeking shelter and somewhere they feel safe is a natural instinct just like us. Nothing is more comforting than being wrapped around in the arms of their owners. If possible, it is best to be there for them as much as they are always there for us.

Trust me being a pet dog owner since I was a kid, I have learnt a lot. They are the most loyal creature that God had created and a great bundle of joy that bring us endless happiness without asking for anything in return…well, maybe some treats may be rewarding! ^.* Most of us love to go out and enjoy holidays, but have we forgotten that someone who can’t speak for themselves? Oh yes, we all been there and done that. I just hope that everyone can find a safe place for their furbabies to be when holidays like Independence Day comes around. Let me know how everyone deals with this problem every year?

My own personal experience as being a pet owner has been very incredible. I will have an article coming soon regarding the life of a pet owner, it will be quite interesting. Stay tune.

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