About Us

As the title of our blog says it all, we have a very deep infinite love and passion for a happy and healthy living. We strive to live a carefree life if we could, travel as much as we could, eat all the delicious food that the world has to offer, and last but not least, still be able to stay healthy regardless of all the temptations that life bring us. A bit about us, we both are college students but maintain a stable job for a living. I am the owner of this blog, myself is Tammie, I am currently in the pharmaceutical field and loving it. My significant other/soul mate is Hai, a fitness and wellness instructor/personal trainer. I am very passionate regarding pets especially dogs so you all will be seeing quite a few posts regarding animals/pets. I always enjoy writing and dream of starting a blog but always had fears to put it into action. Thank you to my wonderful soul mate for encouraging me to make this dream come true.

We are new to blogging world so there are many things we will have to learn and improve. I am glad I finally decided to open up myself to the world of blogging and connect with many of you all. We all been there and done that, never let the world define our individuality. Never quit because of our fear of failing, always move forward to new opportunities ahead of us. Never let life’s obstacles stop you from reaching your goal! One day it will be a blessing to have support from my audience and build a strong bond between us all. Please feel free to leave comments or email us for more improvements or suggestions, or simply concerns.